About Us

Welcome to Untold Jewellery

Untold is a fine jewellery brand that seeks to introduces a little contemporary twist, showcasing both modern and traditional craftsmanship. Liz the founder is equally passionate about interesting but elegant minimal design as she is about sustainability. 

 All materials are responsibly sourced where possible; Untold is Fairtrade registered. Liz also loves to use recycled, reclaimed materials, diamonds and gemstones. Additionally she continually works with clients to retell the story of inherited jewellery; redesigning the pieces so they live another chapter. 

This is really how Untold came about; both the brand and the name, with the redesign of a her cherished Grandma's wedding ring and how the source of all materials have some tale attached to them.  

At Untold Jewellery every piece is a story waiting to be told, or retold....what's your story?