About Us

Welcome to Untold Jewellery

My Story

Untold is a small one-women independent jewellery brand founded by me, Liz Stovell. I trained in a jewellery specific technical college in London's famous jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden. All pieces are designed and hand finished by me, in my South London studio, and I'm as equally passionate about minimal design as I am about sustainability. I called the brand "Untold" as I feel that it really represents my love of the stories that jewellery has inevitably told throughout time, and my passion in helping tell those stories yet untold.

Brand Story

The brand celebrates everyday elegance with a legacy. The Untold customer invests in timeless, minimal pieces that represent their independence and self expression, whilst also forging a path of conscious consumerism. They know what they want to say with their jewellery choices, both from a design perspective and the impact on the world around them.

Our Legacy

I am constantly working on giving my customers the best sustainable options, not just as their legacy but to elevate the lives of the gold/gemstone miners and their children. I use responsible materials such as FairTrade gold, fully traceable diamonds and gemstones as standard. Recycled materials and lab-grown are available on request.

I also offer a Legacy service where client’s inherited gold can be used to make any of the Untold pieces, or a bespoke piece that’s unique to the wearer. Furthermore I offer a lifetime repair service, and a buy-back service so that the precious FairTrade gold and fully traceable gemstones can be repurposed. 

 Our stories are yet untold. What's your story?