Responsible Materials


Silver ~ The silver I use is recycled

Gold ~ Did you know that you can only buy FairTrade gold if you're registered with the FairTrade Association and the first shipment arrived in 2017 in the UK? Untold is FairTrade Registered. All pieces are available in FairTrade as standard, recycled gold is available on request.

Platinum ~ Unfortunately I am still working on sourcing FairTrade Platinum, along with my ethical peers, so in the meantime I offer recycled Platinum.


I offer 3 options to my customers as below depending on their preference. 

Newly mined ~ Full traceability for diamonds is fraught with weaknesses in the supply chain despite the aspirations of the Kimberley Process put in place to safeguard against blood diamonds. New BlockChain technology is being developed which should go some way to address this. In the meantime I try my best to ensure the diamonds I offer are as traceable as possible, my preference is CanadaMark diamonds that are responsibly mined in Canada’s Northwest Territories. They have full respect for the sustainability of the natural environment and northern people. They are tracked through independent, audited processes at every stage from the mine of origin to the polished stone. The diamonds are also natural and untreated.

Reclaimed ~ Due to their hardness and the increase in gold scrap values the industry has seen a rise in recycled diamonds coming back into the market. I work with a lovely gemologist and a diamond specialist to source reclaimed diamonds for customers who would prefer not to have a newly mined stone. While we're unable to trace the origins in most cases the cut, clarity and colour are re-certified. 

Lab Grown ~ Is there nothing that humans can't make? I won't pretend to understand how but by some scientific wizardry diamonds can be grown in a lab; they are the same material as natural diamonds, with the same optical and chemical properties. The price point is slightly lower than mined diamonds. The sustainability of lab-grown against mined is still being debated. To date studies show that the energy usage for lab grown is twice as much but without the longterm impact the mines may have on the ground, animals, fauna and the toxicity of the local water sources. However, it does so without benefiting the local communities supported by mined stones.


Coloured gemstones is an unregulated industry so we are faced with complexities in terms of responsible sourcing. This is one area we are all slowly trying to navigate and will hopefully in time mature into better traceability. 

My collections are made with either Fairly Traded or reclaimed gemstones as standard. 

Fairly traded ~ Not FairTrade as the industry isn't regulated. However there are gemstone miners and dealers who work within the principles of FairTrade to ensure the wellbeing of the mostly artisan miners who supply the market. I also work with a small handful of suppliers who not only ensure fair pay and the wellbeing of the miner, but also invest in the miner's local communities to enable them to build vital infrastructure, schools and hospitals. 

Reclaimed ~ Beautiful gems that have found their way to me after the jewellery it was in was scrapped for the gold. Some are recut but most are still in excellent condition and are ready to be redesigned into a new piece. Often I come across vintage stones that have been sitting in collections and never set in jewellery. All reclaimed gemstones are sourced via trained gemologists. 


Just a little note on packaging. All packing is made from recycled materials and recyclable. The bags are cotton and biodegradable. 


I am always happy to answer any questions about my supply chain. Feel free to get in touch
Image : I refine your old gold and scrap post consumer gold onsite myself.