2 in 1 ring set ~ MOYO Garnet & Diamond Ring (One of a kind)

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9ct Gold  Moyo Garnet & Diamond Ring Set

This one of a kind ring is the first in my collaboration with Moyo gemstones.

Moyo Gems is a responsible miner-to-market gemstone collaboration born in East Africa. They are working with the women artisanal gem miners in Tanzania and Kenya to track rubies, sapphires, tourmaline,  garnets, citrines, and amethysts, from miner to market. They work to empower women miners to work safely, mine better, improve financial security, and create stable, equitable markets for fair trade. 

Moyo means 'heart' in Kiswahili (the dominant language in Tanzania and Kenya) and in a few other languages around the African continent. That's why we call Moyo Gems  'gems from the heart'. 


~ Ring Description ~

Two rings in one! These contemporary rings can be worn apart, or fitted together as a set.

The open ring is size adjustable by one size up or down, so can be worn on a different finger to complement the outer ring. 

~ Details ~

Centre stone: 10 x 6mm Garnet

Side stones: Tw0 VS1 white round diamonds. 

9ct yellow Fairtrade gold


~ Dimensions ~

Ring set width : 7mm

Inner open ring width : 2.5mm

Size M

Free delivery for UK order


The brand ethos actively supports beauty in sustainability by using ethical materials where possible. 


~ Commissions welcome ~

If you would like to make an Untold design unique to you, please get in contact to discuss your ideas.  


Video available on my YouTube channel https://youtube.com/shorts/6t8e2LhNbn4?si=kYRnFpQ-RgUwvt_3